Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tram Drivers

Haha, yesterday when I finally got on a tram.. to only go back home. The driver had this huge argument with a cyclist. It got so fiery and heated, everyone was sitting there with bulged eyes. The tram driver got out of his little driver area and and just as he walked down the steps you could see the chubby cyclist pedal out of his misery. It was hilarious.

The tram driver was cursing as you see the cyclist dodge cars up the road, while the tram was stuck in that spot.

Then today! A taxi driver and a tram driver decided to get into an altercation! Hahah are tram drivers pushed to their temper limit as they sit in that little cubicle?

It was pretty cold today, but crazy with the wind. Sometimes I had to walk with my eyes clenched close to avoid getting matter into my eyes.

Engineering exam tomorrow, and I'm preparing.... with just having woken up from a nap! I had the weirdest dream, I got into a disagreement with an asian gangster and he hit me across the cheek. I still kept protecting the customers at the shop so I yelled back and he kept hitting me until I lost a tooth. Then I decided to do a super saiyan, jump crazy karate move with my uncoordinated left hand, apologised for my damage, and left the shop surrounded by a heroic praise from the customers. My left hand was hurting so much from that punch, then I woke up and realised it was because I was lying on top of it and restricted blood flow. Hahaha!
Okay okay, I'll do some study soon!


cathyyleeee said...

HAHAHAHAH epic dream!

KAISER said...

time for a gold tooth?