Saturday, June 12, 2010


I just had the best crispy pork belly from Footscray! Though I couldn't enjoy the mouthwatering taste as much because these bogans came crashing in to take a shit and steal a bottle of wine in the most busiest Chinese restaurant. People and customers were yelling at the dude and his girlfriend, who were both drugged up and she was definitely pregnant.
I saw a syringe right outside the restaurant! And everyone was yelling at them to come out of the toilet, and he just screamed out like "AREN'T I ALLOWED TO TAKE A SHIT HUH!?" and was threatening and also stole people's food off their plate.

Other than that my pork was so juicy and delectable.
Straight after, I bought 4 packets of Pocky and in half an hour I've chowed down all four packets.. Hello piggy!

Now I'm at my friend's computer shop just chilling until 12 am. Now I could either keep surfing the net or study for Engineering..

My friend sent me this photo today! She was a make up artist practising for her folio and I was her canvas. You guys may have remembered that I showed one photo from it a long long time ago. But how crazy are her piercings! It was taken 3 months ago..


chocoloby said...

Shakespeare also invented the word "Punk" :P

anyway~who approached you?? spit it out!