Friday, June 25, 2010


Mum and I went to get our haircuts. As soon as my hairdresser (which by the way, his name is bum so on my mum's phone its saved as Bum Haircut, hahaha) picked up my big blob of hair he just goes, "Ugh! How long has it been?"
And I was like aw I don't know like 5 months!! And normally he takes 10 minutes, but he took a solid 30 minutes thinning out my hair, and took off about 4cm!

It feels much better and healthier though, this is my Cousin It which is now on the ground,

Afterwards, we went to a Buy One Get One Free Buffet, and it wasn't those cheapskate ones. It was at a hotel and my date was Desh. We went absolutely crazy, and I most definitely went loony. With the selection of seafood such as oysters and prawns, I devoured one too many. As most of my readers would know, I am allergic. Now I feel uber sick!

Desh trying her very first oyster! Hahaha

I took a mental note in my head to make mint and cucumber yoghurt when I go back home, it is so delicious! I had it with everything!

The dessert corner was also exceptionally enticing hahaha! Desh and I went crazy!
From 11:30 to 2:00, we ate our hearts out! The great thing was, we didn't feel bloated because it was top quality!

I uploaded a video for those who know what I'm on about and now I have to dress up like a nerd for the Beauty and the Geek themed event. Yay..... I'll post pictures later! But it's probably something like this HAHA