Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Count on Me

Miguel and I have finished recording! It sounds awesome, just have to do the video now :)
Sounds great yayyyy!

But I have procrastinated from 7 am to pack, and am now obliged to do so. I've packed what I need for China - polaroid, undies, shorts and shirts and now got to think about Brisbane! Why do I need more for Brisbane than China hahaha?

I don't know if I should bring my film camera, hmm.. I'm not bringing my digital camera because we're using my sisters.

This is Yuki the Snowball.. Original Japanese name right? Well, leave me alone because I named it when I was 11 okay! But since I purchased the little cutiepie from one of my favourite movies I have brought him to, Melbourne, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and soon CHINA :)

Last night, for like 2 hours I cleaned and scrubbed my kitchen, floors and bathroom to an uber clean haven. My back hurts today, but my apartment looks great! There's still stuff a bit scattered around but much better, I actually can see my floors and don't have to tip toe to get around my 30 metre squared house hahaha.

This morning though, as soon as I went to talk to my Security Guard, he was like YUCK you SMELL! and I was like hey!!! Apparently I smelled like clean, too clean.

And I said, it's EASY OFF BAM!

Then he said that was exactly what I smelt like. For an hour I talked to Dragon the security guard, and then Mohabs called and I talked to him on the reception phone too hahaha! He said he missed me!

Then Dragon and I continued to talk about ridiculous topics such as strippers, flamenco dancing and asphyxiation. Strange right? But nonetheless, absolutely hilarious!


Piglet said...

haha can't wait for the video :P song was awesome piggles xD :P


hello. :) i found you from youtube.
you went singapore before? as a holiday? or?

just wondering. haha.. surprise to read u been here.