Thursday, June 3, 2010

TV Fan!

It's been a while because I'm cramming Calculus into my head, but today was full of passion that I decided that blogging was important!

FIRSTLY - Masterchef!
For all those Australians who watch it, I hate Aaron. I was so disgusted by his selfish act when he was meant to be leader that I actually signed up to the forums and posted hate threads and chillin' and bitchin' with Aaron haters.
This is what I wrote....
Aaron is a gutless, self-centered contestant who- as a leader- showed no responsibility as the leader of the blue team. Which just questions his leadership skills further, and exposes that he should have dealt with the consequences rather than 'acting' as a leader by dominating the discussion over who should be in the elimination.

Jake worked hard to do the job that many couldn't skillfully do and there was no mention on the zucchini flowers. But that's expected as Aaron the selfish man with the dirty moustache had a role in the production of that canape

I just wish someone had the balls to discuss every element that failed for that team, mainly the leadership.

I'm watching the elimination now and I'm rooting for Jake.

Now Jake's gone! I'm so sad, he did not deserve it one bit! This was my support thread for him Link

SECONDLY - French Open Semi-Final
I'm currently watching it but I just have to say that I disliked Jelena Jankovic since the beginning and totally rooting on Australian Sam Stosur to take the match! I cannot stand Jelena's one finger window wiper motion thing when she sweats on her forehead.
And may I add that she looks like a wilted sunflower on court (She's wearing this fluffy lacy yellow tennis dress, bit extravagant).
OKAY, maybe I'm more of a female dog than usual but I'll pin it to being that time of the month!

THIRDLY - this is not passion, its the complete opposite

I had my hand clasped to my mouth and was just ugh-ing throughout the whole clip as I watched this man go from flat to cleavage, thai tranny style.
Yuck! But I laughed too.
You can check and vomit here too --> Youtube Link

Edit: It's so foggy tonight that I feel like I'm on the set of Bold and the Beautiful!

For those whose missed the fun facts...


chocoloby said...

i had the scariest dream of you last nite...long story short, you were crying and telling me your mummy has been missing for 2 weeks...

rachel may said...

HAHAA that's sooo cute that you actually angry enough to go on the forums

btw do you draw those fact thingmos?