Saturday, June 19, 2010

Croft Institute

Last night was fun.
Two friends from Brisbane were down so I met up with them to go out.
We went to Croft Institute in this creepy little alleyway first. Oh my gosh, it was SO weird.

SO weird, and we even paid 5 bucks to get in. It was a freaky bar with science instrumentals every where, with that mental institution vibe to it. The toilets?!?!

We walked to the 3rd floor to find the weirdest bunch of people dancing around, flimsy arms flying, and legs swirling in the air, with their heads bowed down and eyes closed. We pretty much got out of there.

When we left, this dark, really tall and fat dude was walking in with long dreadlocks, yucky teeth and sunnies on at night, with that you-know golf hat on, totally summed up the atmosphere this bar gave me. I called him Croft Institute mascot.

We then walked to Hardware Lane to look for some bars, but we couldn't decide so as we were in discussion, a guy said we could have free drinks at the infamous Amber, but we were enticed. We had a champagne each and I ran into Kevin times two, and Justin. All of us hastily got out of that little crappy club to only get greeted by the pouring rain.

We finished off the night at The Workshop. It had a nice atmosphere. I'll put photos up when I get it from the girls, and David took a polaroid of me in my Barbie Pink heels! (I love them so much but I go up to being taller than 180cm, so I rarely wear them)

I will start studying for my last two exams of Chinese tonight..