Monday, June 14, 2010

Nice Deeds

Today started off terribly. I caught the tram to meet up with someone at Toorak at 8:15am. Then we got dumped because the tram got derailed. I waited in 6 degrees of cold wind plus a freezing atmosphere. I ate my sandwich as I waited 1.5 hours, with my fingers slowly losing feeling.

I was denied by 4 trams that was heading towards my wanted direction as it was jam packed. I finally got on one to only get dumped further up as trams were derailed and in a huge line up. This photo was like 1/3 of the line up. I was so angry and cold by that time as it verged onto 2.5 hours. I cancelled my meeting and walked 400m to catch another tram back to home, where I immediately jumped into my warm warm bed with my heater blasting.

I then decided to go buy some strawberries, and this homeless man was waving this paper at me. I avoided him the first time, bought my strawberries and walked back to where I came from. He waved the paper at me, and I took it and talked to him for a bit. He asked for a small donation, and the smallest I had was ten dollars so I gave that to him. The piece of paper was from Melbourne Museum, and I am quite poor myself. But I guess seeing the happiness on his face was worth the spend. I just hope it doesn't go spent on drugs and alcohol.

I never can say no, I remember once there was this homeless man in Brisbane. My friend was late meeting up with me for like 2 hours so I conversed with him, and I felt so bad for him that I actually went to the ATM and gave him 50 dollars. He was so astonished and surprised that he decided to take me out for takeaway lunch with my own money. It was sweet and he wouldn't stop thanking me. I felt great, but there still was that little voice hoping that it wouldn't be spent where I didn't want it to be spent.

I bummed at home then met up with Kaiser at 2 for some coffee, well I had hot chocolate. We mainly talked about exams and courses, with a slight indulgence into our wishful dreams. He gave me some of the pictures from the muck around shoot we did (which is where my banner came from). Here's two,

I met up with David and got groceries for dinner. On the tram ride home, this guy asked for directions to Lygon street and when we got off I realised he interpreted wrong so after a moment spent contemplating whether to run to him, I decided to chase him a good 50m and tell him he was going the wrong way. He was very grateful. I feel so nice today!

Hopefully karma comes back and gives me an easy Engineering exam. I'll keep wishing while I look through these boring Engineering lectures *yawn*