Thursday, June 24, 2010



Hahaha Ash took me to the airport, and we went to cram lunch at this place.. and my bolognese tasted like the sea, now I would've expected that if I got marinara or something, but mince meat? Yuck!

I have arrived to Brisbane, I enjoyed a feast with family friends straight afterwards and now my dog and I are cuddling up on my bed.

Mums going to kill us when she finds out, but the fat slob is taking all the room on my bed!

The flight was okay, I slept for 45 mins with my mouth open and waking up to see the girl next to me staring at me like shes ready to laugh at me hahahaha, then I read for the rest of the time!

Ill do a better update tomorrow, with photos! I've broken my rule of one polaroid a day, with 3.. of Simba. I love him too much! Hahaha

Edit: I let Simba sleep with me, but for a long time I was on the computer hahaha he was dead infront of me so I took some photos and woke him up hahahaha. Then he decided to take the whole width of my bed! Big spoilt fat baby!