Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beauty and the Geek

It was a super fun night out! Hahaha, my sister told us the wrong place so we thought no one dressed up like beauties or geeks, but then after we paid entry we were told we were at the wrong place hahaha!

We looked like fools, in colours, and nerd outfits.. but we did a few things and I just ended up looking preppy hahaha!
I got hit on more by girls than boys, which is very funny! But the girls just wanted me to become their friend - I found that weird.

5 boys.. who are all friends were trying to pick me up at the same time!

Desh, Satvika and I partied all night, and Desh and I got home at like 7:30 where we then watched funny videos until 9! I am so tired! We ate maccas too and the asian lady gave me 15 nuggets instead of 10 coz apparently 10 mins is a long time waiting, aww :)
I just came back from watching Toy Story 3 but I got to keep this brief - Simba is sleeping in my lap and I have to catch my flight tomorrow! I still got a few things to pack.

I decided to bring my laptop so I hope there is internet and I will keep blogging!
Here's a few photos from the night,