Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been writing dot points in my diary, and then expanding it out. I plan to do that so I don't forget details. There's no internet where I am staying for the next 3 days (edit, I do but can't use it for long and omg I did not realise how censored China is). And then after that? Well its a train to Shanghai for 17 hours so I doubt the luck for networking.

Cathay Airlines is so comfortable. Or maybe its just that the ones I've been on is crap. Although the sitting position did get weary, it wasn't like Japan Airlines where my family and I would take turns putting our feet up because the leg room was insufficient. However Mum's entertainment system was broken and I told her to complain and maybe she'd get some kind of special treatment (like last time I got given $100 voucher to spend on the airline shop). Mum was fully thinking she's got a ticket to the business class but isntead they just rebooted her system, fail.

My friend Gareth who I miss very much was on the same flight as me! I was extremely happy to see him! I finally watched Alice in Wonderland, it was alright. I was looking at the magazine and there's a wine titled Chateau LYNCH Bages 2000, but it costs like 400 dollars a bottle, I guess Lynch's are pricey ;)

When we were descending, mum pointed out the window screaming, "LOOK SHANGHAI!" And I said to her, mum... isn't it Hong Kong? My mum is adorable. Afterwards, we hopped on a bus to head towards Shenzhen to meet with our family freinds. The HK & China Customs were crazy, people were all for themselves, pushing and shoving to get through first - I thought I was in some Asian rush of boxing day sales. As soon as I got off the bus in China, it smelt like markets and animals, ugh!

Well, I had a shower and my towel is like yay 30 centimetres big, haha And I get to pee standing like a man because it's pretty much like a hole in the ground.. no flush or seat (I should've spared those details). Firstly we went to an upperclass shopping centre and had a Starbucks coffee because we were all tired. Like half an hour later, I already had my first stomach episode. When we left to the markets, oh my god - my stomach episodes got worse annd I had to go toilet twice in the mots disgusting, revolting squatting toilets ever! I was so weak afterwards with my sore throat as well. My sister and I realised that everyone looks at us, we know our faces just read foreign so we understand - but it makes us feel like inanimate objects. Sometimes I force a smile, sometimes I give the coldest death stares (sometimes they just look at inappropriate areas, you know?). Toodasy was pissing down rain, we bought umbrellas though!

The markets were stuffy, dirty and busy - people were rude and in your face. I find China so ill-mannered. Like this couple that wanted us to let them take us home rather than a taxi, just to make that bit of money. We were so scared but our family friend who is a local took the offer because she bargained it down to super cheap. Throughout the whole ride I was shitting myself, but eventually fell asleep.
Shenzhen is the fake capital - I ended up buying a shirt, blazer annd dress - but I kind of want to go home.


Anonymous said...

deena you big weena..
didnt know you were in brisbane! i guess you kept it a secret though..
did u get the email i sent you? if not wat email do you use these days
have fun in China :)


p.s. bring me back some jocks and glasses, thanks youre a dear ;)

Anonymous said...

hey deenasaur, its kevin, hope you're having an awesome time in china. email me details of your arrival to ZERO7K@HOTMAIL.COM so i can pick you up from the airport