Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As any Victorian resident, track fan, punter and alcoholic would know today is MELBOURNE CUP DAY, the 150th one.
Since I moved locations this year to be surrounded by a bigger hype, I decided to bet for the first time on 3 horses:

Americain (8) As you know is my favourite number
Tokai Trick (9) Just incase an outsider pulled in the odds
Maluckyday (24) Christopher's birthday

I wasn't enticed by the money spending, crowd pulling and the shit weather to go to the actual Flemington racecourse itself but I got pumped in front of the television.
Would've been nice to dress up I guess. Next time!

The TAB sports bet shop, even though I was out in the suburbs were spilling with people! I know Australia loves the race but Melbourne is fanatic!

I couldn't believe it, it's a dream come true for me! To win my first bet, to win anything out of luck! HOORAH! HOORAHH! Americain came first, and Maluckyday came second!!

Repeat! Americain came first!!!! And Maluckyday, second!!

Not only was my luck given birth to, but it spreaded to others! Dennis bet on 8 because it's my favourite number!
Uhm.. and Tokai Trick came like 12th or something.. but we won't highlight that