Sunday, July 31, 2011


Michael and I spent the whole day shopping. Actually we split into teams - Kevin went to the Korean store in the city, AJ was designated with alcohol other than the slab of beer I was getting - and Michael and I did the rest.

Phuong did the cleaning stuff and soft drinks. Michael and I went to the markets to get ox tongue, beef brisket, pork belly and chicken breasts. We had to go several places for ox tongue as it was sold out everywhere.

We also enjoyed a Vietnamese roll for lunch and had sugar cane drink (this is so refreshing!)

We quickly cleaned his car, then we went to the Korean mart to get 2kg of Kimchi and seaweed salad. I went to Coles to get sesame oil, salt and pepper. Oh oh! Also some mushrooms and other vegies (garlic is all I remember).
Car wash!

We came back and started setting up. I bought a slab of Heinekens and I got to practise the beer popping I learned with Elias on Friday. I got it on my second go! I was so happy!

It was Serkan, Michael, Kevin, AJ, Phuong and Nate came a little later. Nate is a new guy from work and I found out it was his birthday on the weekend so I had to invite him. I was so happy he decided to come, but he came with a Turkish alcohol called Raki. Its made of grape and anise seed and it is disgusting.
Ox tongue is actually pretty disgusting

The Korean BBQ was so delicious and fun. It was my first dinner that I've hosted and I was so happy! We mixed too much soju with beer with wine and with spirits and in the end we all started getting a little messy.

Siamese Mushroom

There was ju-jitsu happening on my kitchen floor between Kevin and Nate. There was bar flaring happening with Nate, Serkan and I - except Serkan smashed a bottle all over my lounge room and I had to vacuum in the middle of the night. HAHAHAHA! There was also a little bit of dancing, and crazy ideas about food businesses for drunk people.

We had some good ideas actually. Serkan and I brought out a cake for Nate and he was so touched. He wouldn't stop thanking us and saying how he appreciates all this and being invited to this. And I was just like COME ON and blow out the candles!

You know, Nate is quite a special guy. We laughed that he's about 20 years older than me and I'm his manager, and Serkan is 10 years older too. But I have respect for them and them to me. Nate has recently made me feel like I'm capable of doing stuff - he said I'm a special girl and he's never come across a person like me no matter what age. I was so touched.

Nate says you never meet people who does kind, strange things like I do. And my head is screwed on tight and smartly. He was probably turning my head into a big egotistical monster, but at this point of time - where I am a lost sheep - it was nice to hear those things from someone I don't really know.

He said that I am his little sister, an annoying little sister. And Serkan said I am his angel. It was such a sweet night but I was messed up and ended the night with cleaning the kitchen and vomiting.

I seriously have not been at that level of intoxication for years and years. I slept like Sleeping Beauty with a sinus problem.