Thursday, September 1, 2011


Best first date ever but it was super strange too??

I woke up at 7am in excitement, bummed around then fell back asleep to wake up at 12. I went to work, did some business, threw work laundry in the wash and held some job interviews.
Bailey was outside my work at 2pm, and me being fashionably late as always I came outside telling him that I had to do laundry. He thought it was my personal laundry but we went to the laundromat next door and just watched tea towels get tussled about for 7 minutes.

I then took them out to fold them and he ended up helping me. A stranger was helping me fold tea towels, how hilarious.

I was peckish so he took me to a cafe in Royal Arcade that looked like a train carriage. I had a croissant and ate some of his brownie. We then made our way to the zoo. We caught the train and I had to call my mum but my phone wasn't working - so I used his.

Not only does he have my number now, but my mum's too! Hahahaha how embarrassing.

The guy at the ticket booth gave us two children ticket prices! We roamed around the zoo. I got dragged through the house of butterflies again. Those creatures are hideous.
I wore my hoodie over my head and wrapped my scarf around my face.

My heart palpitated whenever any butterfly was close to nestling onto me. UGH I JUST WANTED TO GET OUT OF THERE! I just power walked through to the end.

My heart rate was already quite high so when we went to see the insects enclosure, I was concentrating on the locust at the back so it wouldn't scare me if it moved - but then Bailey pointed out one that was RIGHT on the window that I didn't see. I humiliated myself by screaming a not-so-feminine shriek and ran outta there.

After the zoo, we trained back to Flinders Street and walked through the city. We walked through a park and then another park.. and then we found a children's playground...

Can anyone please tell me what this looks like to them?

Poor bugger was meant to be a dragon slide

It was around this time that he learned my name due to me accidentally slipping it out during a story telling process. We then laid on the grass and looked up at the fairy floss sky. I chose a great spot - there were no skyscrapers in sight and only the trees framed my view.

We walked through the second park which was Fitzroy Gardens and ended up in my area. We looked around for dinner but couldn't settle on anything. I wanted crazy meat dishes and he is vegetarian. So - I suggested he can cook for me and enlighten me to the world of no meat.

We bought ingredients and he made something yummy out of it. I have no idea what it was, some kind of Asian inspired udon dish? We hung out with Raph and Chloe but then they went to eat.

I talked to my mum on the phone for a while. I went shopping for her the other day and she was happy with everything I chose except one top so she's sending that back to me! She also extended her shopping list so I'll have to get her some more items.

Then I got a phone call from Phillip saying he was outside. I didn't say I was home, I didn't say my date was finished - so what was he doing there? Raph and Chloe came back at the same time so they let him in.

I told Phillip about work having a heroes & villains night tomorrow and we were brain storming ideas. I told him I had a dream that he bought heaps of Phantom of the Opera masks and put it in a bowl outside my house.

So there he was, standing at my stairway - holding a bowl, a mask and a note that said "I guess dreams do come true - P."

We all stood around trying to hold conversations but for me it was definitely awkward. I was melting inside and I was considering grabbing the fridge door and ramming my head in it.

I think my lounge room was filled with tumble weeds due to major awkwardness. Then Kevin came over and I wanted to explode even more. Bailey copped all the juicy gossip from Kevin about boys and that I'm apparently an unintentional hustler.

I wanted to just poof! and incinerate into dust. SIGH.

We then watched Bailey's favourite movie - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

My first date with Bailey turned into a huge soap opera scene. I can't even write everything because I know people will read it and have a cry. Bailey seemed to be okay with everything or just good at hiding the shame he felt for me.

But anyway, in the end - my impression of Bailey? He's either a good boy or good at playing a good boy. And despite the embarrassing scenes that happened that day, I had a fun little jaunt around Melbourne. The cafe guys at work saw me outside with him and were completely paying me out, serenading me with oOoOoooOhhhHs.

The night ended with Phillip sending me a message, "You're right, my excuse was crap. I do think too much... It's a side effect for me missing you. But you looked beautiful tonight (including the ugg boots you were wearing). And the sight of you made me weak in the soul. I didn't show it but I was nervous. Why do I feel like you make my heart skip a beat... Only it now feels like it's stuck on what seems to be an endless pause. Not wanting the feeling to dissipate."