Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We woke up late. We checked out at 1pm and headed to Angkor Wat. We bought our bus tickets and exchanged some more money too. We grabbed lunch in front of Angkor Wat. It was beautiful. If you don't know what it is, its the ancient temples that the Cambodians built many, many centuries ago.

After lunch, we walked under the hot sun for hours. Angkor Wat is definitely a place you must visit. I had never seen anything else quite like it.

After Angkor Wat, we went to Angkor Thom which was more like ruins. This one was my favourite. After Angkor Thom we went to Ta Phrom. It was close to closing time so we had a tourist police quickly show us a carving on the wall of a dinosaur, indicating that they were probably around back then. Then he guided us out but told us that this was where they filmed Tomb Raider. He was so proud, he told us he saw Angelina Jolie and got paid a whopping $10 a day to work as a guard (that's pretty good for them). We didn't get to see the entire place, but I wish I did.

We went to some random local fair, played some games. I got 3 balloons with the darts in a row so I won us 4 cans of coke. Michael won a whole bottle of detergent at another game but we had no use for that so we swapped it for Angkor beer.

We then went to eat a buffet where traditional Cambodian dancers, Apsara performed for us. They have freaky hands and elbows that naturally bend way too back.

We went back to Night Market and got cheap massages again, I got the same boy and tipped him $5. He was very grateful. He told me he was saving up for school (he's only 2 years older than me). I hope I get to see him again.

The ruins are so old that its speculated it was built in the prehistoric era, check out what they carved in their walls!? DOES THAT NOT LOOK LIKE A STEGOSAURUS?

We grabbed some more Khmer BBQ then went to catch the bus. We were sad to leave Toro our tuk-tuk driver but hopefully we'll call him for his services again!


The bus ride was much faster than last time, a lot more comfortable too. 6 hours later we were back in Phnom Penh. Siem Reap is definitely my favourite so far though! There's something mystical about that city.


lalaaaanita said...

I truly think Angkor Wat and the ruins are the most beautiful places in the world. I definitely enjoyed them the most out of everything else in my trip. I remember my parents telling me about it all, and how it used to be before the communist reign (they're both survivors). I love looking at all these photos. I think I was too young to really appreciate everything when I went.