Friday, November 11, 2011

Independence Day

I woke up first to two snoring piggies. They continued to frolic in their sleep for another 2 hours. We finally got out of the house and caught a tuk-tuk to Royal Palace - to only find out that it only opens from 2pm (strange huh?)

Kinda reminds me of a Cambodian Tiananmen Square

So we decided to get a tuk-tuk to Wat Phnom, a temple and then to the Russian Markets. There I got a few trinkets, mainly for my mum and sister then Hong picked us up for lunch. We went to Yum Cha and just like last night, these dishes were on the spot! It was one of the best Yum Chas I've ever had!

We went to a Sorya shopping centre. It reminded me of Malaysian shopping centres. Then we went back to Hong's girlfriend's sister's house - meaning the Prime Minister's other daughter. Dude, this house SHITS on yesterday's mansion. This was a ridiculous exhibition of stinking dosh. From Bentleys and Range Rovers and Mercs lying around to the board meeting rooms, dining room, karaoke room, cinema room, manicure room, gym, pool, two spas, sauna, men's club room, cigar room, massage room, hair room, a room just of Hermes handbags etc.

I look like a frog with Mike's sunnies

Everything just smelt of money. Blankets were Burberry and Louis Vuitton, the water we drank was French and there were always about 4 maids flustering about. It was insane.
Crazy house

White piano got donated to them....WTF?

I was impressed but also a little disappointed. I mean, everything in that house was expensive. We're not talking millionaires, they'd be billionaires. Even the Hermes collection alone would be half a million dollars. AHHHH!

Guy sleeping at work

So why is it that Cambodia has had bridges donated by Australia, roads donated by Japan and markets donated by Russia etc…. This mansion was massive, if they just took off 1/5th of it, that's a bridge right there!! Maybe I'm just a jealous cynic.
Also the pets are crammed in a cage and maids are in a room together - just saying, I'd use my money to treat 'em nicely and let the dogs have at least some kind of play pen. We took photos but we're not allowed to show anything that exposes the layout of the house.. sorry!

A basket of hand towels.. instead of tissues??

We took a tuk-tuk to Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda to only be told that it wouldn't be open at ALL tonight as it was Independence Day in Cambodia. We saw the King enter the Royal Palace, but missed taking a photo of him by 20 seconds. People were EVERYWHERE for this public holiday, so we just walked about.
Herro Earthling!

Coppers following the King in

We got a foot massage, stopped somewhere for a drink, a little nibble then continued walking. We went on a hunt for this hot pot restaurant that Michael really wanted from last time. We walked all the way alongside the river for 2 hours, down till the Ferry Terminal then walked back to settle for something else to eat.

HE THEN REALISED that it was only 2 stores down from when we got a massage. Silly duffer! We decided to go for a body massage this time. It was hilarious, they said that my legs were pretty and so was my face (Michael translated for me) and then I felt awkward just lying there with my legs spread haha! They then said that they were going to go out tonight and that they wanted to take me along too! But they never asked me haha.

Even dogs beg

Michael's masseuse kept calling Michael piggy in Cambodian. Michael pretended to not understand and she ended up calling him piggy for the ENTIRE massage. Carlos' masseuse called him a pretty boy and stupid.

I was so glad I didn't get ripped on hahaha, such gossipy ladies. We had a hot pot dinner but I wasn't feeling too well so I had two fresh coconut juices then we booted home.