Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bangkok Stopover

We woke up nice and early to head to the airport. There were no taxis around and the rain was blasting down so we took a tuk-tuk. It was over an hours drive in a taxi but this tuk-tuk driver only took about half an hour.

The flooding looks like rice fields

Even though the rain was spitting into the open truck and into my face, it was a much more interesting drive. It allowed us to absorb the scenery more.

We got to the airport, checked in, ate food and got on the plane. AirAsia was really on time and the plane was super comfortable. I slept on the journey.

As we approached Bangkok, we were overwhelmed by the city's surrender to flooding. We were like 'WOW' 'HOLY SHIIITTT" "NO WAY" then it clicked in our heads that we were landing right smack bang into it. Hahahaha. Michael and I also saw a building on fire shooting thick, billowy smoke into the air.

I look so exhausted

Our trip was meant to have a tour of Bangkok but because of the circumstances, it became just a stop over to our next destination, Phnom Penh - Cambodia's capital city.

We browsed around Bangkok's airport then got on the plane. Bangkok Airways served us yummy dinner. The flight was short and we soon arrived. What a relief! The whole day was just spent travelling. It was about 6:30pm by then.

I was like, WHAT THE HELL IS A CREAMER?! But its the powdered milk.. lol

Michael's uncle picked us up at the terminal drop off with the head police officer of Cambodia. They marched us straight through customs and didn't even check us. We were the first people to go through to wait for luggage.


Michael's uncle and that police officer organised our visas without any application or fees. Awesome. We then got driven in a Merc and got stared at by everyone on the roads. Michael's uncle is this loaded businessman who is dating the Prime Minister's daughter which means = royalty.

We dropped off our luggage then headed out to eat Vietnamese. Afterwards, Michael's Uncle, Hong, took us to this fancy lounge to get our drink on. I took it slowly because I'm still sick.

The place looked like a scene out of Gossip Girl. We got our own private booth and sipped our night away. It wasn't really my thing but it was interesting. I was completely exhausted and we finally got to go home.

I wish the air-con would work right now, its so humid. I took my last antibiotics for night time and now I am super duper drowsy. Good night my fellow pumpkins!

This guy loves Carlos.. its hilarious watching him try and molest Carlos hahaha

I look so seedy


lalaaaanita said...

I hope you enjoy Phnom Penh :) I know I definitely didn't when I was there, but I look forward to more of your pictures; maybe they'll convince me to go back someday.

lalaaaanita said...


I didn't enjoy it because I was 12 and it was my first time overseas. To me, it was just really dirty. Everything I ate made me throw up, so I came back to Australia 10kg lighter (which is a BIG deal, especially for a small 12 year old). I will go back ... just not for a little bit :)