Friday, November 18, 2011

Mekong Delta

We woke up early and got picked up by the tour guide. It was a 3 hour bus drive to Cai Be. Its crazy how all these places we travel to are only like 110km away (takes 3 hours) or 300km (takes 6 hours) but back at home it'd only take half the time because of good roads.

When we got to Cai Be we hopped on a wooden motor boat and drove through the floating markets. Its pretty interesting, they hang up what they sell on bamboo sticks and if there's nothing hanging up it means they've sold out and gonna go back home soon. They actually live out on their boats for a few days with their family while they sell all their stock.

Afterwards, we stopped by the riverside and watched locals make Vietnamese rice paper, pop rice (they fry rice like popcorn), rice crisp, coconut candy and coconut oil products.

Then we enjoyed some Vietnamese tea with honey, cumquat juice and royal jelly.

Now that's a man scarf

"I'm a supermodel dog"

We got back on the wooden motor boat and road through the delta to a river for a solid hour. We got off and walked a trail until we hit a road, then to a family restaurant. We also saw local farmers picking fruits. We ate lunch then hopped on bicycles and rode around the farms. My bike was so shit, but it was still super fun.

We walked back to the river and hopped on traditional canal boats and rowed until the river got bigger. Then hopped back to the wooden motor boat to the local street markets. We saw fresh produce on sale including snakes and turtles.

The drive home was so slow. We got home and freshened up, booked a driver for tomorrow then ate dinner. We then went to the night markets. We saw the girl that was in love with Carlos and she went and annoyed Carlos while we laughed. So many gay guys checked out Carlos too, there was one that we saw from the other day and he just kept screaming out, "Remember I love you honey!!!"

We finished up and saw those bicycles with seats at the front and decided we should give it a shot once. Three old men rode us around the city. It was hilarious, we probably should be riding them around. Michael's one was 79 years old!!! How crazy is that!

I think my one was starting to get a mushy brain because he would tap on my shoulder, point and say to the same pretty building, "LOOK LOOK, very high very nice!"
I ended up counting him saying that 14 times. Everything else he repeated less than 5, I guess he must be really mesmerized by that one building! Old people are so cute.

Gay boys love Carlos

Local people would some times say hi and be so smitten when we said hi. Some pointed and laughed how 3 old men were outing around 3 young guns. Definitely an experience but I think I get around faster walking. Plus, being ridden onto oncoming traffic is freak-ay!