Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lok Lah

We woke up early and had a breakfast buffet. We went back to our hotels, changed into our bathers and packed our bags.

We met Hong in the lobby and caught a golf buggy over to the other side of the resort. This resort is massive! They even have bungalows that rest on the river, looks so cool!

This side of the resort was where all the water sports were. We were a little cut because all the jet skis weren't working except one. Michael decided he didn't want to go on it so Carlos and I hopped on.

Carlos drove it to a far far away island, then I took over. We drove around islands, went far into the deep sea, dipped in between fishermen's boats and drove along the shore line. It was so fun! I had some massive air time that scared the bones out of me!

Carlos let me drive it for 40 minutes and he did 10 because it was my first time. Afterwards, we went for a swim. Everyone else was enjoying a seafood barbecue on the beach but that breakfast filled me up (and plus I can't eat seafood except fish).

I swam and snorkelled (barely saw anything) then sat on the deck chairs for a bit. Carlos and I decided to go out on the jet skis again. He wanted to take photos so I drove it for most of it again. We went so far out that we got lost so we kept coming back and forth on the shoreline to see if we could see our resort.

Jet skiing is so fun but no one warned me that your body would ache like hell. It felt like I went horse riding for hours, painful in all the wrong places. I think its because we encountered a lot of choppy waves so we had a lot of air time which means being thrown into the air and thrown back down into your seat.

There was one moment where we had SUCH a long air time, it scared me so much! My bottom was off the seat for ages! Another time we had a sideways air time and I thought we were going to tip over!

I had a lot of fun. We had to go back to Phnom Penh straight after because Hong's girlfriend (the PM's daughter) has to plan her mother's birthday party which is hosting about 1000 very important people. How exciting! I think we'll be in Vietnam though but they wanted to hire Carlos as the photographer and for me to sing but NO WAY JOSE! The drive home took forever in the crazy Cambodian traffic.

I was craving this Cambodian dish called 'lok lah' which is like a peppered citrus beef. Trust me, it is so delicious. So we went and got some of that, some deep fried chicken wings (the chickens were anorexic but it was super yum), and had some sweet and sour fish soup.

We went to the massage parlour afterwards. Carlos enjoyed an hour long massage and Michael and I had our feet done. This parlour is owned by a Hong Kong guy so everyone working was Chinese. The lady goes, "Wow this girl has grown up to be very, very beautiful."

I scoffed because the way she said it was funny and she was like, "You understand?" and I said that I did a little. All the masseuses' ears perked up and just looked at me stunned. They thought that Michael was going to be the one that could speak and I would not understand.

They couldn't get over he fact that Michael couldn't speak Chinese. I kept reiterating that he was Cambodian, and only speaks that. Afterwards the lady said to Michael's masseuse that I had really long pretty legs (which is awkward because I'm right there spreading them out) and after that he wouldn't stop perving on me. AWKWARD!

When she was stretching my legs, bringing my knees up to my chin - I saw the guys eyes flick over and so I used my hand to inconspicuously take cover. Hahaha!

These people work hard though. Leaving China and their family to just work in a foreign country would only mean that their circumstances over there aren't so grand. She told me that she had a daughter there.

We went home, packed our bags for Siem Reap the next morning, had our showers then conked out.


lalaaaanita said...

You really are beautiful though :)

Also, it is pretty hilarious when people don't think you'll understand them and you do. I understand both Chinese and Cambodia fluently, but can only speak very broken Chinese.

I HOPE YOU'RE STILL HAVING A BALL <3 I am definitely going to Cambodia next time!