Monday, November 14, 2011

Siem Reap

Emperor Carlos

Dorky Deens

We woke up at 5 am to go get our passport photos taken for a Vietnam visa (stores open so early!) then we went and caught a bus at 7:30am. Beforehand, we went and got take away breakfast and we ran into the Aussie guy who got robbed on the public bus while he was sleeping. We gave him as much as we could but we didn't have anything because we were about to go and change money. I hope he finds his way.

We didn't think he was not legit or anything, he was dressed fine and his face was genuine.

We went on the bus and it was the worst ride ever. It was only a 300km journey but it took bloody nearly 7 hours. And it was so dirty and people were packed on. The toilet was about the height up to my shoulders and we had to be constantly bending down. In the toilet it was caked in urine and I could see the road right underneath.

We were getting restless and wanted to get off already. We finally got there and tuk-tuk drivers hassled us so much. Michael had his own one that he bonded with last time he came down, and he came and picked us up.

He was the cutest little thing that had a sign for Michael. Hahahaha! We went and checked in to the hotel then grabbed some lunch. Lunch was really nice but a bit on the dearer side, but it's westernised thats why.

After lunch, for some odd reason the boys wanted a facial. They finally convinced me that it was worth one go so I got it done. Yeahh… I'll never get another one again, it wasn't worth it at all. I was restless and constantly scrunched up my face each time she touched close to my eyes, you know what I mean? Like always on alert.. LOL anyway..

Afterwards we went to the night market. The night market was fun, it was so much better than Phnom Penh's markets. This is when I splurged, so far I had only spent 100 dollars on my trip. I then spent 200 at the markets, mainly getting stuff for my mother though. She wanted trinkets for the house, she told me she had bought a little souvenir cabinet so she just wanted little things for it. I bought her two beautiful paintings as well.

Gems are superbly cheap in Cambodia - I forget if I already wrote about this.. but their earths are enriched with gems from Amethyst to Sapphire so it's crazily cheap here. I bought my sister sapphire and our birthstone, garnet. I also spoiled myself a little too.

After the night market, we went and got super cheap massages, it was only $2 for half an hour. But I bonded with my guy so I tipped him $10, Michael tipped his one $10 as well and everyone flustered about like WOW! They loved us! Carlos hated his one so bad luck to her hahahaa.

We headed over to Pub Street and had Khmer BBQ (Khmer is the way Cambodian says… Cambodian). It was super delicious, we even invited Toro along. Then Michael and Carlos wanted to go Cambodian clubbing so we headed over to Zone One. They played a random array of pop-esque songs that was way too hard to dance to.

Michael bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker and the boys enjoyed it. I stuck with Coke because I wasn't up to it. Carlos fell asleep on the couch which was hilarious because he was the one that wanted to pick up girls.

In the end, Toro, Michael and I ripped up the dance floor. I danced with some random Cambodian boy that danced like Lady Gaga, and Michael got cracked onto by lady boys. They were so disgustingly ugly.

Michael told me that in the male toilets the carer comes up behind you and starts massaging you while you take a piss. Cambodia has the utmost service, I swear! Hahaha.

Cat was begging for food, then it pissed on my leg when I didn't give any.. arsehole!

We went home late but had to wait up a bit because the hotel men had to unclog our toilets as Carlos clogged it with his business. That was shameful but funny for Michael and I.