Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vung Tau

We hired a private driver for the day as all of the other day tours were closed or sounded extremely boring. We decided to make our own tour to the closest Vietnamese beach, Vung Tau about 2 hours away.

We got another slow driver again so it ended up taking 3 hours. First we climbed a massive, massive hill to a massive statue of Jesus Christ on a hill. It was quite a spectacular to look at though and the exercise did us well.

We then climbed a hill 1/8th the size (phew!) to a big Buddha statue. There was also another hill with Mary and her baby but we decided to give it a miss. We were tired of hills. We drove through streets of sheets of sun drying sardines and the sea was speckled in dots of fishing boats.

We went to the beach side and hopped into our togs. The beach looked pretty nice, similar to Cambodia's Sihanoukville. The waves were so choppy and inconsistent, but that was all in the fun.

A random Vietnamese guy started talking to me while we were deep in sea, but I didn't understand what he was saying. I was just concentrating on the massive spitball he had spread over his cheek. I think he didn't realise that he didn't quite disconnect his phlegm into the sea yet. LOL

We all hopped out of the water and just played with the sand pools that were forming with the high tide. A group of old Vietnamese men decided to be immature. One would run up right next to me and put his board shorts there, smile at me then run back. The next one would then run up and collect the board shorts, perve on me then run back. The third one would then run up and replace the board shorts next to me and so on.

Bargaining times

It continued like this and each time they would go back to their group, they would all flash me a dirty look. Carlos and Michael were stunned that they would do that while two guys were next to me. We just tried to ignore it.

Michael and I wrestled in the sand. Then Carlos and I started practising our punches. Apparently, I punch pretty hard for a girl. It's from all that heavy bar tending work.

They can't do the fish lips thing

We hopped into the showers, rinsed off the sea salt then went to eat an afternoon snack. At the restaurant this adorable puppy waddled over to me and took a liking to me. As soon as I saw it waddle awkwardly I just squealed a massive, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEE."
I tried to teach them how to do the fish lips thing, but to no prevail

I didn't care that we were in dirty Vietnam, I scooped it into my arms and it furrowed its head into my chest. Luckily, it was pretty clean! He didn't want to leave my lap at all. Sometimes he would just sit in one hand of mine, he was that small!

He was so cute. He looked like a chocolate brown labrador with blue eyes. I played with it for ages and it fell asleep in my lap. I CAN'T GET OVER HOW CUUUTE IT WAS. He was so gentle, especially for a baby pup. The boys made me let it go when our food arrived but it stayed at my feet for a bit then waddled off awkwardly elsewhere to fall asleep.

One day I am definitely going to get a puppy. Don't you wish we could apply an Everstone or whatever to it so it would forever remain a puppy haha! That was the first puppy or youngest I've ever held, it was definitely less than 2 months old.

We traveled back. We finally realised that our driver was a little off. He had sculled so many cans of Red Bull and had been sipping on coffee all day. He twitched every 5 minutes in his seat and would put a new piece of chewing gum in his mouth every 15 minutes and chewed like a rabbit. I asked him if he was okay and he brushed it off like "YES I IS GOOD" then continued twitching away.

It was like he was in his own Initial-D world with a mission, except he drove in slow motion and beeped every 3 seconds, even if there were no cars around. We were weirded out. When he realised that the soccer game between Vietnam and Indonesia started, he started picking up pace.

Vietnamese Vodka...??

The hotel guy gave us another room so we could shower properly. How nice is that? Then we went to eat dinner and went to the night markets again. I bought some cliche souvenir t-shirts.
We didn't tell Carlos he had tissue on his face


At 11:30pm, we caught the bus to return back to Phnom Penh.