Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tummy Bug

We woke up and talked to the people at reception. We booked our bus trips back to Phnom Penh and booked a tour for the next day to Mekong Delta and the Floating Markets.

Hey lostie!

Then we went to Ben Thanh Markets. It was just full of fake stuff and junk, I much preferred the Siem Reap markets. I bought a few things for my mum that showed it was from Vietnam.

It took a few hours to get through the markets, and it was so hot that at the end of each aisle Michael and I would scull a drink. I had coconuts and sugar cane juices and felt re-hydrated.



I find the people a lot more aggressive compared to Cambodia, they would swear right in our faces if we didn't buy anything. And it was obvious.

We walked around and went to department stores then my tummy was playing up so we went back to the hotel and I married the toilet.

Vietnam won the soccer...

Crazy chill out apparently!

I eventually fell asleep and slept for like 9.5 hours. The boys met some German guy that was staying at our hotel and he took them to a massage parlour (a clean one or so they thought). The German guy asked where I was and they were like WTF how did you know and he said, I like girls and I only notice pretty ones.

They got scared so they went back to check up on me after their massage before they went to eat. I slept peacefully though, it was good recovery for me. I was starting to fever up!