Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Phi Phi Island

We had to wake up early again and a driver picked us up. Carlos is always the last one to wake up, get ready and get out of the room. So we always wait for him in the lobby. Luckily, two other passengers from our hotel were slower so we waited for them in the van.

We drove out to Sea Angle Pier where two lady boys addressed us and told us our schedule. They were hilarious, over dramatic and masculine. We got onto our speed boat that had 5 engines on it!! I don't think they used their full potential but we got to Monkey Island pretty fast.

We saw all these monkeys looking at us curiously. It was only a quick stopover. Then we went to where 'The Beach' you know with Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed and the island is absolutely gorgeous. It was so breathtaking with these massive stone cliffs shrouded in tropical trees, then bordered by a cerulean blue sea.

After that we went to the other side of that Island and took a quick dip. The beach was so beautiful!

We drove the boat a little further out and went snorkelling. Fish of the same species were everywhere. It was pretty cool! I dunked down to the bottom of the sea which was 6m, I didn't really last long without air though! I saw clams, parrotfish and angel fish.

Lady boy tour guides! Yeah, not really working well as ladies though huh..

Afterwards we went to Phi Phi Island for lunch. They had market stalls everywhere and it was only a walking distance to the other side of the island. One side was for boats to rock up and the other side was for swimming.
Don't worry we didn't buy these haha

Um why does a lady boy get blessed with a hot body?


After that we went to Khai Island which was puny but beautiful! Carlos was feeling sick so he slept on the beach, he looked like he was burning when we came back! Michael and I went snorkelling and it was the best snorkelling spot I've ever been to!
Pimpin' Tuk-tuk

The water was so shallow but the beach suddenly turned to reefs and so many different species of fishes hung about there. I saw sea urchins and I even saw a barracuda! There were triggerfishes in one area of the reefs and they are aggressive and territorial. They would look at us like with one eyebrow arched saying, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Then they sprinted over to us and pecked Michael and I. It didn't hurt but it was annoying and we were so scared of it hurting.

We went back to Phuket and showered. We decided to do a loop from our hotel, we first ate Thai pancakes at a stall, then we went to a restaurant for dinner where there was a live band playing. We hit Bangla Road so we turned left and went into every bar and strip club. I decided to just drink up with Michael because the boys were so boring for boys.

They wouldn't talk to the girls and would squirm away whenever a stripper came by. So I started to talk with them. The girls let me whip their butt cheeks and backs so many times to the point that I probably pulled a muscle in my right arm. I let them whip me but don't worry I wasn't wearing anything provocative like them.

I was having fun though, and the boys started to join in whacking them. We bar hopped, strip club hopped (even checked out a joint full of Russian girls) and watched more of those feral shows.


We saw a lady plop out from her baby maker a goldfish, two turtles and a finch. LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!?@?!@?!?@!??! I even saw one of the ladies blow a whistle with her precious area. The night was getting late so we went home. I had so much fun. Phuket is fun, strange and exciting.