Saturday, November 12, 2011


We left in the morning to make the journey to the Cambodian coast, Sihanoukville. It usually takes about 3 hours but we got hit by really heavy rain so we had to stop by this dingy shack of a convenience store in the country and had coconut jelly fresh from the fruit itself.

We continued on our journey and finally got there. They took 3 cars so Michael, Carlos and I had our own car with a bodyguard and personal driver. Man, these people are so loaded I'm not even joking but they're very generous too.

We stopped by to have lunch. Cambodian food is delicious! We then went to our hotel, chilled a bit then went for a walk. The water was so nice at the beach, even though the sun had gone down. Its amazing how warm the water was even though the sea is massive and the sun's heat retired for the day.

We swam for a bit, then the tide got too high and strong so we plopped into the pool. After the pool we showered then headed out for a buffet dinner.

We ate so much till our tummies were bloated, then chilled and listened to the live band. They were really good.


We went back to the hotel and drank and chilled with the others. Then they decided to go hear the live band.

After we drank, they forced me to sing for about 20 minutes. I kept saying no, no, no. But the Cambodian guys were like, we've taken care of you so much and this is our only request… so I was like fuck.

Anyway, even though I kept denying they got the band to keep calling me up after every song so I finally crawled up. I sang First Love by Utada Hikaru.

Tee the boys bought for me hahaha

AHHHHH I WAS SO EMBARRASSED. It was the biggest crowd I've ever sang to, and I had this massive cold so I was so croaky. EEK I was blushing so hard when I got off..

Then we started drinking again and Michael's Uncle paid me 100 bucks to sing another song. I didn't wanna take the money but everyone was like, "Don't be rude. It's rude to give money back."

So in my head I was like fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckmotherfuckerfuck. Michael went and requested The Climb.. after that song finished the band was like, "Can you sing Rolling in the Deep with us?"

I got given two flowers, lilies and a rose.. I think it was stolen from one of the hotel vases but that's hilarious HAHAHAHA.

And they just straight away played it and I was like oh my god that's enough! My voice was going from my flu so I knew I wouldn't be able to hold. Oh well, it was a great opportunity singing in the band. And I'm in Asia, no one will remember me and I'm out to do random things - or that's what I'm telling myself when actually I'm dying from embarrassment.

The rich people paid the band to continue and the waiters to continue working as they were meant to close up at 12 am.

We popped over to the Casino afterwards. Us stooges had no money to gamble but everyone else was ripping out like $600 on each bet. Crazy. SO CRAZY.

Now it's sleep time. I want an early morning swim.