Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Contiki Diving

We woke up at 6am and got picked up by a van driver. He drove us and other passengers to Chalong Bay where the boat was awaiting us. We all hopped on, there was about 20 of us.

Our selection!

I ate this all by myself.. it doesn't look much here but it was a hella damn lot of 2.4kg!

Michael wasn't allowed to dive because he has asthma, which is a shame. I know he was sad and I was sad I couldn't see him experience what I love doing so much! The boat drove out to an island for 1.5 hours. My dive buddy was one of the crew girls, Amanda. She was from Sweden and working for the company over the high season. She was lovely, we chit chatted throughout the whole day.

A greedy feast for three!

I scuba dived three times at Banana Bay, Camera Bay and Bungalow Bay. They named it Camera Bay as for some odd reason, tourists tend to lose their cameras. Apparently we could see cameras at the bottom of the ocean, but I didn't see any, well I didn't really look out for any.

I got to see a lot of tropical fish, ship wrecks, prawns, lobsters, rays - even a small manta ray! I love diving!! The deepest I went down was 20m.

The day went by really quickly, and we were pooped. We got back to our hotel, showered then headed out to the markets again. The boys bought a bunch load of funny t-shirts then we all got a body massage.

The boys got completely harassed by the ladies - and I'm sure you guys know what I mean. They were both screaming out to me, DEENA SAY YOU'RE MY GIRLFRIEND and I'm like I CAN'T BE BOTH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS. One of the masseuse spoke Chinese so I decided to be rat and told her that Carlos was my brother and Michael was my best friend - so that they were both clear of relationships.

They had to tolerate their harassment to the point that they left the massage. I couldn't stop laughing.