Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City

We decided that today would be a rest day. But we'd have to organise a bus ride to Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam later on that night. Hong's maid cooked us a superb home lunch. The crispy fish was my favourite.

I watched Super 8 and then went back to sleep. Hong called us and said there was a bus at 2pm, it was alright 12:30pm so we rushed in packing everything and bounced to the bus.

Looks like I'm totally greasing off the begging girl...

But I promise I wasn't and Michael just took a bad snapshot!! HAHA

We got the last 3 tickets and spontaneously hopped on. We thought going in the arvo would be better than night time so we wouldn't waste tomorrow resting up. We could rest up at night after the ride.

Michael and I got seats next to the toilet with no recliners, yay. The ride took forever, and we were at the border check for so long as well.

My passports starting to look so cool with all these visas pasted in from Vietnam and Cambodia haha! We finally got there at around 8pm and a taxi driver said he'd take us to an area full of hotels. He drove around in circles and I noted to Michael that the meter was skyrocketing like crazy.

Vietnam Border!

We just thought maybe it was because Vietnamese currency, dong is crazily inflated so $1 US dollar = 20,000 dong. But at the end of the journey it costed us 800,000 dong which is about 40 bucks. And the ride was only like 20 bucks.

We didn't know what to do but we just paid it. How the hell did he scam us of that? Does he have a button for rip off mode? We were so angry.

Afterwards, we ate then rested at the hotel. The bus journey drained us all.