Monday, June 21, 2010

Chinka Town

This was the polaroid of me in my sweet sweet baby pink shoes,

This is Will and I this morning before our Chinese writing exam,

which by the way, was really easy! I'm just not certain on one character because I didn't go memorize Chinese names.

Now I'm writing a list of what I need when I go to China. Facebook is banned there! So no facebook for 2 weeks hahaha, hope I get to blog. Either way, I'll blog in Brisbane to say goodbye!

Its summer over there, so trying to imagine packing t-shirts is making me feel super cold because its 3 degrees right now! Now I'm forcing my sister to help me write my list and she's forced me to text her boyfriend to call her because she's a stingy lass for phone credit. Love you bootylicious J hehehhe.

Hello from baby Simba oh and my sister's eye in the background!

Time to play some music, la la laaaa!


leolecal said...

deena, do you have a twitter account?

i love reading/watching you.

cheers from brazil


Bambi said...

Noo I don't!
Sorry Leo!