Thursday, July 1, 2010


There was a child with a mushroom haircut in the next section to us, and he was adorable! He would come over and play with me, calling me Aunty. He became attached to me after I fetched his ball from under my sister's bed. He kept giving me gifts and when I returned them he would tell his parents, "She doesn't want my gifts.." Hahahahahhaha, and in the morning he came over again and his dad asked, "What are you doing? People are still sleeping!" He was like, "I don't know…. but she's awake!" I wish I asked for a photo.
The train was slower than planned so it was close to being a 20 hour trip rather than 17. I ate like two cups of instant noodles and my stomach is now paying for it with pain. I finished The Book Thief and had like a rough 6 hour sleep. I wonder how Jana could've slept for nearly the entire trip.

Chinese people tend to be so rude, I was lining up to brush my teeth and an old lady came out and squirmed through the line. I didn't mind so much because she was probably washing her hands- and then, from her pocket came a toothbrush! Everyone in line was just like, UGH! I was grumpy. After we arrived, Shanghai just smelt even worse - and the city was covered in a doona sheet sky of pure grey. Through windows you would think that it was cold, but actually its a sticky 30+ degrees. The cars constantly beep everywhere, and mopeds, bikes and bicycles just go wherever they want. When we arrived at the hotel, we were… DENIED.

Apparently they don't take Australians in that particular hotel so we moved down the street to a motel. We're all going to take showers now, and then head back out. I wish my laptop took ethernet cable. I can see the blue wire calling at me to use it.

It is so mega humid and hot in Shanghai - we tried shopping but it was too hot! We went to the river where all the pretty skyscrapers and big foreign banks were and this little chubby kid came up to us to practise his English (so adorable). This old, seedy man slowed his bike down when he looked at me and was like "Woah" and then he ran into an old lady - I was like EWWW and my mum was like RUN AWAY! hahahaha

Oh mummy!

I finally passed the sick baton to someone else. Jana felt a bit sick today and we gave her a whole box of tissues, it took her like 30 minutes and we thought she lost herself in the shopping centre. She finally came out of the toilet and she was like, I had to resort to Bill Bryson. And I was like what? And she's like, I ripped a page out of my book because I ran out of paper (Chinese places don't really provide toilet paper). Anyway, I was laughing for so long, she probably gave Bill Bryson a 'Short History Of Nearly Everything' instead (That's what the book is titled, pun! hahaha).

This little boy came up to us to practise English LOL

We were in the train station and I saw the back of a little boy's head, and his parents had shaved like a huge smiley face into it! My sister and I were wondering if he knew what his parents had done to him hahaha!

My mum and our family friend aunty started arguing today and Jana was in the motel by herself, so I was in the awkward position of calming them down. Aunty is being stubborn with buying tickets to Beijing and I think the ladies were just grumpy from that intense 20 hour train trip and the humidity/heat. Our Aunty decided not to join us tomorrow and stay in our room.

This is how much bigger beer is served.. Australia is so stingy with their beers!

Why the long face Deeny?