Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Caribou Lou

Sleep, a solace to all mortals
Sleep, to some so natural
Sleep, to many so elusive
Sleep, to some so simple

I over indulged in my life necessity this morning. At 8 my friend gave me 6 missed calls, knowing my habit to cuddle up in cold weather. I ended waking up at 1pm.

I did nothing until my friends came over where we had a huge Subway and KFC feast, and my friends concocted caribou lous and alize lemonades. Yum Yum! I have so many bottles in my house now because my friends are treating it as storage, haha.

I found a photo when I was 14 sitting on a pool table, jamming in a boat shed,

P.S Today I got a postcard from Sweden! It made my day! Thank you Tinka :)