Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm sorry my posts for the weekend got postponed.. I've been sick!
Monday I've had a fever and went to the doctors at like 3 am. The doctor was the biggest downie ever - he didn't care about me at all! He was just like get out of here, you'll get over it.


And on Tuesday night I had pizza and I think there was cross contamination with some of the prawns in the other trays and I had the worst allergy attack. I hyperventilated for about 2 hours, and lost my eyesight in about the 3rd hour. I would also black out as well.

My friend was so scared! He kept insisting on going to the hospital but I didn't want to. I knew I'd pass through it sooner or later! Scary though!

So today and yesterday I've spent the day at my friends house because I was sick and didn't want to be transported - so I've been babysitting my friend's nephew, Ethan. He is so adorable! Look at him grinning at my laptop..

Okay now he's pestering me wondering when I've finished so I can play with him - better get to it! I'm sorry for posting so late, I have done two more before this one too so check it out!


Richard Uttley said...

Aww, hope you're ok now, I was missing your posts, but all is good with me as you posted 3 at the same time! So cool. Don't be a stranger my friend x

chocoloby said...

almost forgot abt this blog thing...you really should take care of yourself more!