Sunday, August 29, 2010


New friends I made who were drumming at the UN concert

Me getting bored hahahhaa

Jacqui and Chris


That sand painting thingy..

Well Sunday I was like a groupie. My friends are in a dance crew called Rewind and they had two gigs on for that night, one - to dance for the two American dance crews Supercrew and Kaba Modern and the second one was for a United Nations concert.

They did fantastic! The United Nations concert was so random, it was all like peaceful martial arts, African drumming, sand painting and then hip hop dancing?

We also had to go through hardcore security - understandable seeing as it was a United Nations gig.
The 'Rewind' dressing room

The Supercrew gig was at the same place where my Melbourne Underground Film Festival was, but the scene was totally different! It was one big asian fiesta hahahahhaa.
My friend Chris and I

Rewind on stage

My head host pass.. which I dont know why - must've thought I was a dancer too hahaha

Rewind practising outside..


Clayton Lee said...

U.S. bills are made from cotton? Wow I feel like I should know this.. Interesting/entertaining posts!