Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well it was someone's birthday last night. I'm saying someone because he won't let me say whose it is. Well, let's title him as Monster.

I had coffee with Kaiser in the dusk, then I dragged him to have a drink with me at Hush Bar. Soon it just went from coffee to him joining my group of friends to go out! Best decision ever. Hahaha, we all went to Temp at Royal Melbourne Hotel (was that right?) where we enjoyed a night on the town.

My kidneys are going to explode! I slept at 8am because I drank too much green tea trying to sober up my body and it caffeinated me instead.

I was holding two drinks at one point, and this 2 metre indian dude was like "If only you didn't have two drinks we could go get a drink together" And I was like "Well lucky I don't have 3 hands!" But he kept trying so I got this random girl to save me because he was using his huge body to block off all my friends, eek!

Happy Birthday Monster!


Kaiser Ho said...

Monster rocks the house!