Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't updated my weekend.

On Friday night I went to 'Sorry Grandma' I know its the weirdest name for a place hahaha! I had lots of fun, I haven't drank that much in a while and so I was dancing like crazy. At one point this guy tripped me when he was trying to walk past behind me and I just went TIMBERRRR down to the ground! It was so absolutely embarrassing!

I had fun though - Joey and AJ were absolutely hilarious hahahhaa. Some terrible pictures of the night...

Kevin carried me like 700m to the car hahaha

Joeyy :) haha

Helen and Joey

My cheeks have gone chubby, so I'm going to go start my running regime again :(

On Saturday I woke up and had a really happy walk to go vote for government. I got an 'I Voted' sticker and I walked all the way home with it dangling on my finger so I could put it on my guitar haha.

Afterwards I went to have a huge brunch with Benny and Kevin at Poppy's in North Melbourne. Man that was the bomb! It was so scrumptious.

We went and handed flyers out in the city for Benny's street culture event - it sounds fun and I would've loved to go but I'm going to be in Japan then. So it was fun handing them to a specific demographic and talking shit with them and saying "See you there!" When I wasn't even going. Hahahaha

THEN as I was standing in the corner, remember that Indian dude who hit on me 3 weeks ago at a club - WELL I RAN INTO HIM. And ugh that was the worst 20 minutes of my day, and Benny and Kevin just stood there LAUGHING until Kevin decided it was time to save me and called me.
So this Indian dude walks up and was like, "CATHERINE, you dickhead! I bet you don't even remember my name!"
And I was like, "HAAAA HAAA shame on you.. my names not even Catherine!"
So we kept up the small talk chit chat, and he drops his sunglasses and just stares down at the ground at it.. so I was like, okay :S I'll go pick it up.
I gave it to him and he cracks this line "I did it on purpose so I can see you bend over"

I just stared at him like WTF and tried to awkwardly laugh it off.. eek! Then I asked him what he was doing in the city and he was like, "walking around until I ran into you" I was just thinking, where does this guy learn his pick up skills from? THEY ARE THE WORST LINES I HAVE EVER HEARD and every 10 seconds he cracked a terrible line..

I just wanted to get a bucket and vomit in it.

Later I bought another Smorkin' Labbit toy to add to my collection. Benny picked out which he thought was the lucky box - but turned out I already had it. The lady let me swap it with one of the sample ones she has out but Benny surprised me by buying another box for me AND I GOT ONE THAT I REALLY WANTED. IT'S SO CUTE! It's pink and blowing bubble gum hahahhaa
Its this one..

That made my day, we had a chill drink - then I went with Tofu to go watch Inception. Oh my gosh, that movie has made my favourite movie list - I just LOVED it SOO much. SO MUCH. I thought it might not be Ellen Page's type of movie but she did awesome! And the boys were looking cute, especially Ken Watanabe YUMMMYY!

This is Tofu's explanation of what my eye colour is when we were eating Maccas. His explanation changes everyday when my eye colour changes too but this is for that day.


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