Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sound asleep at around 1 am, it took almost 2 hours of tossing around to finally settle into my bed.

Next thing I knew, I threw the blanket off me, knocked the alarm off the table and slipped on my ug boots. I ran to the bathroom and chucked out my plate, and put on my hoodie. I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys and ran out of my apartment. I turned left to find that the fire doors were slammed shut in my face so I ran to my right to find the elevators.

By then I was thinking, you don't take the elevator in emergencies, yeah? People started running out but we were like lost sheep and ran in chaotic circles thinking WHAT DO WE DO!??!

Finally security came to tell us that nothing serious is going on. The alarms went off again at 4 am - I swear I have more dangers with the alarms scaring me than any fire going on in the building. Two fire engine trucks whizzed past my window!

My heart is still beating out of its designated casket.
I've had the worst sleep, and now they've been testing the alarms since 8 o'clock til 12 o'clock. ALL I HEAR IS RINGINGGGSEHKAHRAERHIAERAEROIA (So I think that is a valid excuse to skip uni this morning kekeke)

Edit: I went to physics tutorial and we had to do a fire drill, I got so jumpy! I was thinking, WHY ARE ALARMS FOLLOWING MEEEEE?!?! Then I went back home and the lady told me that there was an incident on my level and that the firefighters had attended to it.


chocoloby said...

worst way to start a day ever...