Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yeah you're thinking, "Breast" for a title? Hahahahaha - well my friend in Physics just made my day by saying, "The proton is released from breast into an electric potential of..."
If you don't do physics, he was meant to say 'rest.' I laughed so much!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged, I just finished a test today and I was studying hard for it this week with my friend Armin because I can't understand my lecturer so I haven't learn anything and he doesn't go to his lectures so we were on the same level.

I had Nandos for dinner with David then went to Armin's to study physics!

Last night we studied until 12 am, and my friend said he was around so he picked me up to drop me home. But as soon as we got home we got into the discussion of dancing and LO AND BEHOLD - new dance movements tucked under my belt! Hahahaa, I think we spent like 2 hours teaching me how to krump, jerk, random hip hop movements and then going through some ridiculous dance genres like tektonik (have you seen that? They just throw their arms in circles everywhere).

I think I spent 80% of the time just laughing my head off at me trying to dance. I have never taken a dance class in my life, not even like jazz classes when I was a girl (which is a stereotypical thing to do for childhood).

Today, I said hello to this guy in my engineering lecture that used to be in my Chinese class but we never talked - he asked me if he could borrow my calculator for the physics exam so I lent it to him. He dropped it off at mine and told me all the questions on the Physics exam and I just realised that I was screwed. I spent the next hour trying to absorb and recap as much as I can and off I went!

I went into my lecture and found Shouji, my new physics buddy and we formed a fail club row with the other people sitting next to us. Our lecturer talks in volume like.. a sin graph - "To find the POTENTIAL in a DIPOLE you need THE dipole MOMENTTTTT!!! and with ANGLEEEE!!!!! and ELECtric fieLDDDDDD!" I can't stand it.

Lol, finished the exam - there was way too many questions in that short amount of time, but I just chucked equations everywhere to show that I knew what I meant to do haha.

My friend sent me 4 texts with 4 photos showing that he's crossing every part of his body in hopes that I will do well in my physics test. Hahahaha! You know the saying like "cross my fingers you pass?" yeah I think he just took it way further..
He crossed his arms

He crossed his legs

He crossed his fingers


Now I'm destressing and ranting on my blog - going to have a second lunch soon! (Before I went to get sushi and the two chefs at the back just kept cooking
but their faces were glued onto me and smiling and winking.. I was like.. um "おはよう?")

Oh btw this is yesterday when I was super bored in Engineering so I drew on Martin's arm. He's a boy - you could say I man stripped him.

Going out tonight so I'll put some pictures up, but my friend stole my camera so only phone :(


ryan said...

I didn't realise there was that much salt. :) lol. Thank you.