Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Physics, Corona and Vodka

I only had Physics lab today. Afterwards I cooked myself some chicken salad and headed over to Docklands where my friend lives.

We studied Physics together because I have a test on Friday - but we have a lot more to study tomorrow!

We made a mistake of having one Corona and afterwards I was just staring at one Physics graph like dot.. dot.. dot.. dot... *mind blank*

So we decided to just take it easy and drink up. Hahahaha, we ordered some Italian for dinner and drank vodka while he drank expensive whisky.

I talked to my mum today - I miss her. Then I went home around 10:20pm. On the tram, ticket officers came and I forgot to scan on but I guess they just check if I have money on my card.

They were really nice! Much nicer than the ones I've encountered before. They chit chatted with me about Melbourne and gave me tips and were very friendly.

Afterwards I accidentally ran into someone and we talked for about 10 mins, so I made a new friend hahaha.

Now I'm just watching tv and trying to type as clear as possible hehehehehhe!