Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grand Angus

Tuesday Tuesday.
What did I do again?

Oh that's right - I didn't sleep at all the previous night due to some female pains and so I roughed through a 3 hour physics lab.

It was hilarious because my lab partner also hadn't slept, so I was like ... Okay, do m on i for me and he goes, "yeahhhh? Put in the numbers!"

I point at the paper and I'm like, "I have - I'm waiting on you to put it in the calculator" and he was like, "Oh shit right, sorry"

Then as he was putting it into the calculator, we both stopped and looked at each other and we were like "Oh my gosh, we're such losers" because we realised that the numbers were 0.00038 divided by 1.. which.. is just 0.00038.

Another funny instance was when the lab instructor was like, "OH good! You're both done now move on to the next one, um Angelica?" And I responded with, "No no no, we're up to the discharge cathode ray one."
And my lab partner goes, "Her name is Deena.."
I thought that the teacher was saying that the next experiment was called Angelica.. but actually he was asking if I was Angelica. Such a tired loser!

It was a funny day though, after I ate lots of chicken and strawberries drizzled in condensed milk. Nomnomnom. I went for a run the previous night as I said, and my metabolism has gone throughhh the roof. I CAN'T STOP EATING! Defeats the purpose of going for a run hahahaha.

Afterwards, I rampaged through my wardrobe to see if I have anything to wear for Tyson's film awards this weekend. I managed to pull out this white jumpsuit that I bought from Japan in December but have never worn. It's sooo cute but I have no idea how I'll make it so it can suit Tyson's grey attire. Maybe buy new grey shoes? HELP ME!

Then I went to study room at University to try and teach myself some Engineering - and OH MY GOD it was so cold! SOOO FREEEZINGGGG! I was about to pass out from how cold it was. I got super hungry too so my friend brought me a grand angus. YAY!

I went home and just crashed.


dangsta said...

Maccas Bad for you hahaha and so Strawberries with condense milk :P so ah so u basically defeated the purpose of the run eating all that junk hahah :P should find healthy food to eat!!!! instead of junk

Sin Nombre said...

Deena- guess who? I'll give you a hint..my name starts with M and it also rhymes with diarrhea haha. I love your blog! it's always such an entertaining read. In regards to the problem of matching your jumpsuit I think I may have found a solution. I was frolicking around on the tony bianco websie and saw some heels that I think would look amazing on you--> http://www.tonybianco.com.au/product.asp?page=2&categoryID=4&productID=1642&colourID=4340. That way you can subtly match his grey attire and get a pair of sweet ass shoes in the process..win/win. xo