Thursday, August 26, 2010


Im sick from this crappy weather :(
I'm a naive fawn that's been thrown into the gusts of Melbourne - alone and bewildered. Hahahahahahahhaha!

I got tonsillitis so I went to the doctors and isn't it great when you have the cutest doctor ever? He was so cute! Luckily I wasn't at the doctors for anything embarrassing hey?

I missed out on school and just ate a lot of butter menthol. Its worse today!
I talked to Desh on my friend's Blackberry yesterday for 2 hours - their Blackberry messaging is really handy. I miss her so much!

Tyson is coming down today and I still don't know what to wear. Help me help me help me!

Can the deity of clothing just come down from the sky and be like DEENA YOU SHALL WEAR THIS!

By the way, I carry around a thick, leather heart - I'm letting my past hurt the people in my present. Sigh. I need to relax and trust a little.


Richard Uttley said...

Deena, wear this!