Saturday, August 7, 2010


Big night.
Really big night.
Like, haven't slept yet kind of big night.
So big, that I'm going to blog in dot points.

*Airport to fetch Rachel
*Get ready drink Alize at mine, Kevin picks us up
*Rachel and I had endless amount of wet pussies. Others were jager bomb, tequila, vodka, gin & tonic..
*Rachel is a sleepy drunk
*I bought a guy a drink because I poked my finger in his eye. I seriously felt his eyeball and genuinely sorry - therefore, my offer to buy a drink
*Group of Korean guys surrounded me. I gave them my number because they go to my uni and they'll help me with the subject I suck at. Hahaha
*Saw friends that I hadn't seen in ages :)
*Rachel is a weak drinker
*Danced until just before 5 am
*Rapped on the way out, Chinese accents were flying everywhere
*Ate some Chinese food
*Talked to Topher for 2 hours
*Went to eat breakfast with Tim, Rachel and yours truly (Think bacon, toast, sausages, eggs, hash browns and orange juice)
*Writing this blog
*Haven't slept


Anonymous said...

Totally jealous considering the fact it seems like your partying should make you look like zombie but instead you look better than me who actually gets sleep.