Thursday, August 26, 2010


I finally succumbed to buying credit. My stingy asian side failed to prevail! I couldn't hack it any longer - on the way out of the convenience store after talking to my good ol' buddy, Kumar, I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in a while so that was nice.

Afterwards, my stomach triumphed into making me eat a punnet of strawberries drizzled in condensed milk and then I made a lovely pepper thyme chicken rocket salad for dessert. I eat the wrong way around?

I am SUCH A FOOL. Throughout the whole time I was eating and then procrastinating on the computer - I left the stove on, with the pan and lid on top. It was only when I decided I should wash up that I saw this big carcass of charcoal that was once called a frying pan. Stupid stupid stupid!

Geeesh! Here's the lid that I tried to clean as much as I can but its just toast now hahaha.

Then Tyson arrived! And not long after, Tim called to say he was around the area so I introduced them to each other and we hung out outside for a little bit. Then David called to say he was here too, and I got back my camera :)

Afterwards I went to docklands for a little bit, and omg I went into Costco for the first time! We don't have it in Brisbane - and wow they really got a scheme going to get suckers in! Its really good!
I was in heaven when I saw this..

And we popped in to see that new Icehouse and we caught a few minutes action of ice hockey!

Then later on in the night I pretty much got hungry so I made some mashed potatoes.

OH by the way I did the most stupid thing because I was sick I just popped medication, then Tyson gave me a bottle of vodka for saying thank you to letting him stay over (sweety pie). And we had vodka orange juice - and I totally forgot I had medication and I just fired up in this nasty rash and tomato face and got REALLY REALLY screwed up. I was so stupid!
But a funnier story is that my friends that I usually go out on Fridays with, kept mmsing me pictures to my phone of their night - and I just thought I would take a moment to shame out Kevin Lee. MR KAY LEE needs to calm down on his drinking. You will never ever ever live this down.


Rod said...

Hi Deena, My name is Rod, I would like to say Thank you as I enjoyed your singing. Especially the Tik Tok song, it was great. I am stationed in Mackenzie, British Columbia, Canada. It is a small town with population of 2500 people. I am away from family and friends due to business and the isolation is very challenging. Watching your singing on Youtube brightened my day. I like to say Thanks. I wish you all the best and please keep singing. Cheers