Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stripping and Painting

I had a great Friday night, only because fate played my way. Hehehhee!
I don't think I'm even ready to explain it publicly because I'm still blushing. Pretty much it involves that handsome Engineering tutor from last semester and randomly running into him... and then trying to build up the courage and enough alcohol in my system to go and approach him. Hahahahahaa!
This was me being sad because I didn't have the guts to approach him and my friend laughing at me

This was me blushing like a tomato

Then I went home from the bar and talked to Hasan the security. Hahahhaa he dared me to play guitar for him so he came over for a bit! He just couldn't stop laughing at how childish my room was!

Then Saturday I pretty much spent the whole day staring at one wall. My friend is trying to renovate and update his house and so we started stripping the wallpaper, and it had like 4 layers! It took like forever to get the ugly top bit off... and then we started blowing it with a heat gun to try and get the next one off...

IT TOOK FOREVER. So, I googled and found out theres a wallpaper remover solvent so we went to Bunnings. That got the white bit off, but then the brown bit would sometimes peel off. We gave up and decided to leave it.

At around 8pm (yes it took that long! We started at 11 am) the boys went to get rollers and sugar soap while I sanded the wall down. My wrist is in so much pain now! It took wrinkles to get the wall really smooth then we painted it with primer.

We only got one layer done that day. I'm so exhausted!

And because of my exhaustion.. I just did the most stupid thing - Deleted all the photos! So all I have is this polaroid, I have paint down my nose, forehead and cheek. And yeah I cut my finger on the scraper, and wall paper and burnt it on the heat gun thus the bandaid. HAHA


Hasan said...

u looked funny n cute wid da painted nose.... hehehehehe.. wht if it was red color ???????? lolzz

Kaiser Ho said...

title interpretation fail :(