Friday, August 27, 2010

Melbourne Underground Film Festival

The morning was beautiful. I finally had more than 3 hours of sleep and I feel refreshed.
Tyson and I went to the groceries to get some breakfast, and on the way there was a group collecting food for refugees so when I bought bacon and eggs - I also chucked in this massive 1.2kg cereal to give to them.
I never can say no haha.

On the way out there was this man playing on his guitar and we stopped to take a breather. He rapped up the 1st verse and chorus then as the 2nd verse on call he just pulls out a "Ahhhh I went out drinking last night so I've completely forgot the 2nd verse" I think my friend and I were the only ones laughing.

Tyson then cooked me a mighty breakfast of bacon, eggs and all things French.

Tonight is the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and 'Bad Behaviour' premiere which Tyson is in. We've started getting ready and I'll blog the rest afterwards!

Sorry for taking so long .. I'll explain later on with my after blogs. Anyway Melbourne Underground Film Festival was INCREDIBLE.
It started off badly though, the taxi driver dropped us off wrong and the receptionist told us the wrong directions - in the end we probably had to run about a kilometre to get to where we wanted to be at! I was wearing heels and I tripped on construction and reopened my ankle injury and scabbed my leg and hands (how attractive!) So I ripped off my shoes and ran with no mercy!

We finally got to the end of the pier but we had missed the opening act to the premiere. I got myself a glass of champagne and enjoyed 'Bad Behaviour.' Tyson was absolutely HILARIOUS in the movie, I was so proud of him - he did exceptional! The movie was pretty gruesome though - very gory and violent - Tyson's character ended up getting axed which is just so lovely.
After the movie, we got given VIP drink bands and just chit chatted around. They then held the award ceremony and we got to chat around again. I turned my head around and saw the actor from Neighbours and went crazy! I approached him asking, "AREN'T YOU FROM NEIGHBOURS?" and he was very nice and we talked for about 2 hours.

There was also a director that talked to me about all his Australian movie projects, it was funny because it was interesting.. but he kept spitting at my face hahaha.

I also talked to this sound technician guy and we're going to share our own music with each other. There was also this magazine gentleman who approached me thinking I was a model (yeah wtf) and really wants to hear my music. I didn't even say anything, I think he just assumed I was a [shit] musician. It was hilarious when so many people were like, yeah I'm an actor - I'm a singer - I'm a publicist.. and then come Deena and I say, "yeah I'm just Tyson's date"
The Cast of Bad Behaviour.. My camera sucks

Lindsay Farris

Two cast members of Neighbours

Tyson my date/actor of Bad Behaviour

But overall a fantastic experience! I can't thank Tyson enough for inviting me!
Tyson went to the after party and I thought it would be good to go visit my friend's party quickly. I did not know ANYONE there but I made friends just dancing around (and no I was not drunk). For some reason the girls wanted to go to the strip club so we went to Men's Gallery and enjoyed some ladies. It was pretty boring though - I mean I've been to two other strip clubs and they were much more entertaining.

We ate at the 24 hr joint Stalactites where I had myself a nice Greek mixed dip. That was delicious!

Tyson and I met up to end our glorious nights with a catch up deep and meaningful chat. :)
Dr Doug Harris from Neighbours..

My new friend Cornflakes, we connected because we're both science driven for careers and everyone around us are in the creative industry hahahaha.. this is apparently how nerds type on computers


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