Monday, July 5, 2010


My Chinese has improved a lot! Especially from hanging out with Lai - he can't speak English so I have to try and speak Chinese. With most people they'll get impatient and just resort to translating through my mum or using English but Lai was patient and told me to keep trying until he understood. Because of that, I learnt heaps of new words and became just that wee bit more confident in using it.

Jana and mum are getting some beauty stuff done so I'm just sitting and waiting. Our family friend and mum just keep on getting into fights and arguments with each other so we're leaving Beijing early and going to Xinjiang. Its such a shame because Beijing is my favourite by far so far. We also don't get to go anywhere for too long because of the two stubborn women against each other so they just keep fighting and just end up going back to the motel. 

We're also strapped for cash because mother gave her Australian money in Australia to then use that similar amount of our friend's money in China. But she won't give any anymore, because she's wanting to be in control of us. She owes my mum so much more so my mum is slowly getting more and more angry - and knowing her that is super dangerous.

I forgot that when I'm with the family, I'm the soft one so I listen to the whines forever and then become the stress ball when they need unleashing. Mum just keeps snapping at me over nothing like asking her what lipstick she's wearing and my sister is constantly entering bitch mode so she can forget her PMS and boyfriend. 

I had internet for a little bit today, mum needed to borrow the computer so she asked that I transfer funds while she's with the doctor. Hehe, I was a little bit naughty and emailed some people and hopped on msn for a little bit.

I also checked my results, and I already knew - I failed Calculus. Bad mental state that day. Everything else went good :)

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