Friday, July 2, 2010

World Expo


We went to the World Expo today. Intense, like absolutely intense.

We waited in line for about 1.5 hours, just to get inside - and after getting security checks etc. in ultimate peak heat of over 35 degrees we got in there! Everyone was sweating so much. A guard thought that my sister and I didn't have tickets and he yelled at my mum and oh my, you should've seen her. She turned into like black attitude 'HOLD MAH POODLE' style, and was talking like ghetto while waving her arms around at them. We then took photos of marching guards and one of them turned to us to pose, we laughed for ages.
See him?

Then mum asked a staff if this was the right way to Taiwan Pavillion and the lady picked up her microphone (although they were face to face) and was like, "YES" right in our ears! We found that funny and stupid. I'm starting to realise that the stuff I put down into my book end up not being so funny when I type it out for you guys to read. Oh well..
Asian squatting to eat Pho infront of Vietnam Pavillion...

Haibao, the World Expo mascot..

Jana dared me to crump in the middle of a civilised area..

It was too hot so we decided we'd do the Asian and Middle East area, take photos, go get souvenirs and go shopping. Each pavilion's line up was like 4 or more hours so we couldn't be bothered. Australia's pavilion was across the river, and we were determined in the beginning but the heat won. We went into the city, time square and looked at some rich ass department stores before deciding it wasn't for us. We were amazed at the city, it was a complete contrast to the area we're staying in and we realised Shanghai has a nice side to it. Our family friend just isn't organised.

We asked the taxi driver where to go, and he was surprised we hadn't been to Yu Garden so he took us there. Thanks to him, otherwise I would've missed out on seeing such a cool area. The temples atmosphere was so beautiful and I finally got to get some souvenirs. I got Desh a papercut out owl, its so intricate! And I finally got to do some of my own bargaining skills. And I got some other stuff for a few others, but there wasn't that big of a variety so I'll get more later.

My sister and I got a papercut out portrait, its so cool! And for paper I'd say that it's pretty darn good. It looks like me and it looks like my sister. Astonishing. We caught the train back because we were meant to check out of the hotel by 6pm. We sat across from our mum and it was hilarious. There was this really snuggly pot couple next to her, who were both really really tall and huge and took up all the room. Mum was really tired so she just decided to lean her head onto the snuggling, sleeping couple until it was our stop. Hahaha!

Now we just got back and our Aunty didn't get tickets to Beijing like she was supposed to, so we're stranded and they've gone to try and get some even though its booked out. Plan might be getting messed up, eek! They've gone out to try and hassle some.

Jana and I got bored after the soccer finished, so we started taking cheesy photos where Jana was my cheesy model, we were laughing so much! They got back on a motorbike, and mum was so stressed and everyone was rushing to go to the station, because they got one for 9pm and it was already 8pm.
We were excited to hear we were waiting in the VIP area, then we saw this...

It was way cooler than the train from Shenzhen to Shanghai, we had our own little capsule for the 4 of us and it looked like we were in the futuristic Aeon Flux. It was a 9 hour train ride, where I slept for 4 of it. I am so dead.

How rank is my sister's feet?

The door to our shuttle area..

Bed.. but I don't know what I'm doing.. LOL

Sunburnt faces