Thursday, July 29, 2010


AHHH! I slept through 2 hours of my alarm clock! TWO HOURS! So I missed my Chinese Seminar but got going to the Calculus Tute. This semester I have a friendly group so I think Calculus tutorials will be a lot more enjoyable!

I found out one dude lives in my apartment block! Afterwards I strolled to the city where I ate dumplings and met up with Sheng. We all went back to mine and just bummed around.

I made a twitter account, my friend begged me and I finally caved in. I still don't get it and I'm not hooked at all yet, hum hum. I am lonely though so if you guys have twitter find me at

We decided to go grocery shopping where I was going to make some butter chicken curry, when I was asking one of my friends if they wanted potato and/or carrot, my friend who was texting cracked and yelled, "WHAT?!" at me :(
I was hurt, all I wanted to do was make dinner but I guess my friend was busy multi-tasking.

My sister just texted me saying she was in a car accident, but none of my family members are giving me answers, hope she's okay.

I got good news from Japan today, but I can't blog it *blushh!*


Kaiser Ho said...

Japan, jealous, need to go....