Saturday, July 24, 2010


Like every other day - I bummed all day.
Then it was time to get ready for Oray's birthday bbq, I showered, slapped on whatever and headed out with Wubs.

It got to the time where alcohol came out, and damn everyone for having excuses like I'm driving etc. I was forced to have 7 shots ughuhgughhh of SLATE - sweet, cheap bourbon.

Happy Birthday Chris! This is when the slate started hitting me...

Geena, Wubs and I had to get going because I had other plans and the other 2 had another party to go to.

On the drive back to mine, I was getting preeeetty tipsy and my face resembled a tomato. I went back to my apartment waiting for my friends to pick me up and felt so sad watching Be Cool while my head was spinning. My friends finaaaallyy came and we headed to Bass Lounge.
The lights in my room haha..

My shoes I bought from Japan 8 months ago but never wore.. I love them since last night now!

Hi drunky!

Thanks to my friend's connections we got walked in past the big fat lines. By the end of the night I had 16 shots and made friends with some Taiwanese holidaymakers. I am so glad I ate steak, I think that's why I handled alcohol so well, or maybe my liver is made out of STEEL.
Outside my apartment..

I was loving this big fan...

These are my new fobby friends YAY

THANKS WUBS FOR MAKING ME AN AWESOME GERMAN HANGOVER BREAKFAST (Belgian bread, German sausages and onions that were meant to resemble sauerkraut)
Do you like what I did to my friend's car window while I was tipsy and sleepy?