Sunday, July 11, 2010


We took a flight back to Shenzhen, we most definitely did not have the best luck with planes on this trip. As we were checking in the lady told us that Mummy wasn't registered as a passenger and out of all the 4 tickets which were joined together, hers was the only one that said 09/07 which was really strange.

We started fretting and calling the travel agency, and we only had like half an hour before we had to check in (the rest of us already did so I guess for mummy to check in). We thought we would've had to go first then wait for mummy later. Finally, they called us back and said they made a mistake and clicked the wrong date for mummy.
Everyone going apeshit about tickets..
Classy.. breastfeeding on the dance floor..
Luckily they didn't verify it because mummy flying in the past doesn't make sense so the travel agency booked her into today's flight. 

At security we got separated from our mother because of the bitch of a security lady. She decided to let this group of 20 guys cut in a 100 people line because they proclaimed that they were first class. 

My mum was like, at least do my children first so we stick together! And the security bitch snapped at my mum and was like, NO! They're first class.

I was going ape shit, then when those selfish bastards got cleared through, these bunch of Korean girls tried to shove through my sister and I but I just turned around and went kung fu soy sauce on them and they stopped and whispered about me behind my back. POOP!

While we were waiting for the flight a baby was waving at me and then as I had to go she blew me a kiss. How adorable! 

The flight was good after that and at the airport waiting for our family friend's son to pick us up, Jana and I got bored so we took the most randomest pictures..
Oh but these ones are just before we left on the plane...

Jana sleeping on plane..
OKAY now the random waiting at airport pictures..