Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beijing Bus Tour

Jana, mummy and I went on a tour bus today. Jana and mum got on first so I got front seat with a stranger. After a little while, he asked me if the aircon was cold and I thought he was being seedy. We started talking anyway, it was inevitable and then I realised he was super nice! He was travelling by himself because none of his friends have holidays and he's always dreamt of going to Beijing. Throughout the day he just started becoming part of the family and hung out with us for the entire thing and more. For blogging purposes I'll call him Lai (Chinese name too hard to keep typing)
We all went to the Great Wall first, its such a beautiful place. Mum was lazy so she decided to just hand us over to Lai - a complete stranger - so she can avoid climbing. He was so adorable like a big brother, when it started raining he bought us all ponchos and at the souvenir stand he bought us all a Great Wall moment. He would constantly make sure we were all together and was so protective against rude Chinese people like a brother.
Like there were these two men harassing me for a photo and I was just thinking, you're here at the Great Wall and you want to take a photo with a girl!??!?! Eventually, Lai was just like NO! NO OKAY? IF YOU WANT A PHOTO YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH ME! Hahahahaa, we also got to dress up in Emperor style Chinese clothes!

Next was Changping, where my mum bought me a jade bracelet that I can never take off! Well, I can - with some soap and water. That place taught me how to distinguish between fake jade and real jade. And I can tell mines real because I always sound like a cat with a bell because my other bracelets chime against the jade. It was pretty expensive though - to my surprise.

We then went to a place where doctors read your pulse, amazing how they could pick up that I always have a sore back, can't sleep well and lately getting faint. All true! Kevin, remember when I told you I was going to faint the night we all went to Loft? I WASN'T FAKING IT TO GO HOME EARLY!
There were some other places of no significance to me but Old Beijing City was pretty cool. We got to gamble like back then and I only saw like one person win old coins back! We also went into the prostitute house to find some ugly, and fake prostitutes (fake as in you can't actually pay them to sleep with, not fake as in they look plastic). Then there was a show where there was a man with chi. He lifted heavy weight with his mouth, bent this really thick metal with his head, and then called Jana up to show that the metal balls are real and watch the whole thing. He swallowed two little metal balls, then sent it up where it came out from his EYEBALLS. Yuckk!

Our final stop was Olympic park, and wow its very beautiful! There was tonnes of people so I can't imagine how many people would have been there for the Olympics. From there, our family including Lai decided to go to Tiananmen to take photos in the day time. Afterwards we all went to a nearby restaurant to feast on some good Beijing duck. Yum yum yum, I am salivating thinking about it!
By the way, Germany for the win! That game with Argentina was beautiful!
Aw shleepy Deeny!