Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of the Locals

Its so weird, everywhere we go these foreign looking people are speaking Chinese. Also, so many people talk local dialect to me thinking I am one of those people. Everyone really stares at me too, probably because I look like one of those people but I'm wearing shorts (most of them are Muslim). I've started having terrible stomach aches again - all day I was in pain and everywhere I went, I left specimens of myself in the toilets! Yay! Hahahaha

There was these army people marching around, and one was checking me out and stopped walking and the guy behind him ran into him, slapped his head and then the guy started walking again! It was so funny to watch, and then every soldier is either holding a big baton or like a huge firearm that needs two hands to uphold - but the last soldier carries like a sack of watermelons!

Deena walking around... hahaha


chocoloby said...

you have been to waaay more places in china than i have...

Tinka said...

So glad to hear from you Deena! You seem to be having fun again. I was worried for a while with this whole "friend of the family" drama. Your suite looked pretty awesome too bad you didn't have more time to spend there. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Miss you <3