Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knight & Day

I bummed around until I decided that I am bored.
So I wallposted my friend on facebook saying
and that was the first time I had ever initiated a plan.. and it was a pretty hopeless one too.

We decided we'd go to watch Killers. I finally started unpacking my bags, I have one small one left.

And my friend gave me these in Brisbane and so I started chowing them down too. They taste like donut chippies.

My friend then picked me up to go to the movies.. well INTERNET HAD FALSE ADVERTISING BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE KILLERS.. so we decided to watch Knight & Day.

Hehehe, I think he looks so good.. but Cameron Diaz is past her expiry date. However I think her bubbly personality comes through to the audience which makes me love her.

The movie was pretty funny! I enjoyed it a lot.. I heard a few people behind me say it was dumb and shit which makes me feel like I have horrible taste. No wait, I do have horrible taste.

HAHAHA but I still love the movie :(
Now its 1:59AM and I'm up with some stranger comparing half castes.. there are heaps of beautiful ones out there *cries*

Happy Birthday Kaiser :)


KAISER said...

:):):) need to catch ^