Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'm stealing a doctor's internet in her office while I'm using it to transfer funds for my mum.
Naughty naughty but I felt terrible that I haven't posted anything. Just letting everyone know that I've been jotting down stuff in my book, and typing it out on my laptop so when I get internet I will send away!
Our family friend has kind of screwed us over so we're stranded for money because we gave it to her. So far no one is really having a good time except yesterday, and its super duper hot. Ahh the calamity,
Hope everyone is well, I can't even use my phone here while it worked in Hong Kong. They even block my blogging site so I'm sending emails to it hoping that it will work. By the way, I am rooting for Germany - they are doing so well (Sven you finally convinced me!)


Sven said...

Ooooh Deeeeen, doesn't sound really good!?
Hope you enjoy the good moments of your trip?! and hope you come back hale and hearty!
Hahahaha, i was so happy when i read that you're became a germany Fan :) my influence appears to be really good! first Sauerkraut&german sausages, now our team :) hope you'll bring us look on the semi final on wednesday!

greetings from the sunny germany (up to 37degrees)

Tinka said...

Hey my lovely friend,
I am disturbed to hear about your family friend ruining plans. No internet you will survive but I just hope you will be ok there...
I miss you terribly!

<3 Tinka

ps. @ Sven!! -goed head to head- HOLLAND HOLLAND HOLLAND!
Hah it will be a fair match if we both end up in finals (I think we are all expecting that...)
Finally! So looking forward to that match... **hope to god we will win today, such a gigantic fail otherwise**

Sven said...

Damn.. we failed :/
nothing more to say at this moment..
Just to Nerdi Deena: hope your fine? waiting for your arrival back home! :)

chocoloby said...

hrmm...hope you find some kind of fun in china, and return to civilisation soon deeney~

Sven said...

Deeeeen, where are you?
Thought you come back after 14days?
But you're now away for 16? right?
Hope you come back soon and healthy!
Can't wait for your stories!